Month: April 2014

Music, Loneliness, and the Ever Present Power of God

Last week I ended six months of intensive, communal living in an inner-city homeless ministry and prayer house where I was in constant loud and crazy human contact.  Now, I am alone, staying in my friend’s basement, a two bedroom apartment, in the quiet suburbs, by myself.  While I continue to serve regularly at Hope City and encounter God in the quiet, not living in close quarters amongst friends and fellow intercessors, not staying with brothers who are struggling to overcome addictions, not having those late night conversations about the battles and victories we are having in Christ, and...

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The Art of Misunderstanding

Do you ever feel like you are being misunderstood? Do you ever feel like you are trying to get a point across and the other person is just not getting what you are trying to say? Or you hear the person say, “Yea, I understand…” but you know deep down that they really are not grasping the gravity of your statements.Sometimes, even in trying to get a simple point across, you feel after explaining it three different ways that the other person is still just not getting it. If you have ever experienced this, then you have just gotten...

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