Month: July 2014


The last month was turbulent. A summary: new amazing friend from Lebanon, new girlfriend, car accident, insurance dispute, lost car title, car totaled, best friend married in Annapolis, MD, being a best man, being bit by the dog who lives upstairs, and tomorrow I move into a new apartment. During all these twists and turns I had no doubt that a larger and more powerful force of love was at work. Yet, I found my self stumbling, somersaulting, and landing on my face several times before the reality of life and all her fury. Even my friends seem surprised...

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The Crazy Ones

In our modern age of technology and advertising, you and I see an unfathomable number of advertisements in our life times. Most of them run together in a blur of flashy images, bold claims, and loud voices, but every once in a while, an ad comes along that challenges our thinking and sticks with us. In fact, in 1997, an advertisement was released that changed my life. Now, you are probably thinking to yourself, what TV commercial could possibly change your life? Before reading on, please take a moment to watch this short ad from Apple’s 1997 Think Different...

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