Month: July 2016

BeCome: Introducing Philadelphia Wabuti!

Lives: Kenya, Africa | Age: 20 Gap Need: College Education I met Philadelphia in October 2012 while living with her family, who are local Pastors and Missionaries in their Kenyan village. While my team and I were there, we traveled by motorbike “Tiki Tiki” to the all girls boarding school, where Philadelphia was working hard towards a better education. She welcomed us warmly, and we spent the night on campus, where monkeys hung from most of the trees and smiling young girls greeted us warmly as they walked to and from their dorms. Because of Philadelphia’s positive reputation on campus,...

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3…2…1… and the next BeLoved Campaign is: BeCome

A series of gap needs sent in from individuals all over the world, who have dreams that need to be funded and or supported for them to BeCome what they are purposed to be! This seriously is going to be the best thing ever! Can you imagine being a small part of a life changed by your personal support? It could be monetarily, sure, or it could be a letter of encouragement! The need will vary, based on what our BeLoved Friends need. There are people, just like you and me, but with waaaaay less resources, who dream of...

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Hello… it’s been a while

Hello… it’s been a while. Life keeps happening! So while life has been going on and on, the vision for BeLoved has grown and morphed, and become something less pressured… more organic. I think you’ll really like it and may want to be a part of it in your own small and possibly bigger way. BeLoved’s 1st Campaign was called BeLoved Stories and revealed that folks were changed by testifying about God’s movement in their lives! That campaign will be ongoing and you may see a bit of a marketing siege soon to bring in more stories… maybe yours?   That...

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