Month: September 2017

It’s Finally Happening

I am proud to announce that after all the planning , brainstorming, research, and praying, we finally have an art studio. After a lot of searching and saving, we finally decided to make a move and look for an studio space. We looked on the internet for a warehouse and found a fairly large one for a decent price. We called and later that day we went there. When we arrived we discovered it was already a photo studio! Here’s a Little Tour   Alena’s Future Art Studio It will be cleaner when we move in, and with a...

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A Trip to a War Zone

Alena Marasek On 22.08.17- 30.08.17 I had mission trip to Luhansk region. In the beginning of summer I asked my husband to pray about some opportunity for me to serve. Every summer I try to separate for ministry, because at this time I don’t have so many art commissions and it’s good time to trust God. Usually in the summer I have projects such as wall painting in hospitals and orphanages and mission trips. It’s the best time in my life. Now it’s more difficult, because after the wedding we have a lot of paperwork for Joey’s permanent visa,...

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