A series of gap needs sent in from individuals all over the world, who have dreams that need to be funded and or supported for them to BeCome what they are purposed to be!

This seriously is going to be the best thing ever! Can you imagine being a small part of a life changed by your personal support? It could be monetarily, sure, or it could be a letter of encouragement! The need will vary, based on what our BeLoved Friends need.

There are people, just like you and me, but with waaaaay less resources, who dream of being all they can be… let’s do something to help them! In the next few months, we will tell story after story of people, young and old, who have needs that you and I can meet, just by engaging from our laptops!

Are you a Barnabas (Encourager) by nature… this campaign is for sure for you!

Are you a natural provider? This campaign is calling your name!

Do you wish you could do something to help the world but the problems seem to big and out of reach… we’re about to blow your mind with how simple it is to change lives.

Lean in…

Our first BeLoved Friend who wants to BeCome something great is a young girl in Africa.

Her name is Philadelphia… and you can help her to BeCome.



PS Click here if you want to know more about BeLoved and why we are a thing!