My time in NY with friends and family was divine! My work with the Paradise, Uganda project was productive, and I was happy to have raised enough funds for my first month’s rent!
After three productive weeks home in NY, I am back at work in Kansas City! This last week at the Hope City Prayer room, I led the two hour intercession set in Spanish for the first time in three weeks, and it went much better than I expected; I hadn’t completely forgotten Spanish! I’ll be leading this set every Wednesday throughout the summer. My other sets in the prayer room went well, and I could sense that our intercession was moving darkness out of our hearts and out of our city.
This last week I spent a lot of time catching up with friends living at Hope City in the drug and alcohol intensive, catching up on what God has been doing in their lives. It always amazes me to see how sitting at the feet of Jesus and living in His presence transforms hearts so quickly. Most of my friends are now in leadership in their program, and are serving in multiple capacities at Hope City.
It seems that my most basic ministry here in Kansas City is often my car! You would be surprised how far kids walk to get to Hope City for a free meal, free WiFi, or just to experience God’s love. One of these young teens needed a ride back home, and I felt like I finally was able to get through to him. It was as if he finally acknowledged our friendship. It sounds silly, but him returning an, “I love you too,” brought me to tears as I saw God soften another wounded heart.
If you pray, please remember the youth I am ministering to. There are a few teenage mothers who need the support of our prayers; pray for strength and patience! Also, I am still in need of support to pay my monthly bills so that I can continue working at Hope City. If the Lord leads you, consider partnering with His work in my life on a month to month basis. Thank you for praying for my heart, mind, and immune system! I’ve been fighting off a cold for the last week. May His love and grace surround you like a thick fog wherever you find yourself.