How weird would it be if, when asked what I was up to (a normal American greeting), I responded and said that I was “about my Father’s business.”

I can hear the reply now..

“…uh… okay.”

But that’s what Jesus said (as a twelve year old in Luke 2:49) when His parents asked him the ultra concerned question, when he had been missing for 3 days! It’s strange enough to imagine using that answer to the casual question of “what are you up to?”… but what if you asked your own kid where he had been for 3 days and his response was as Jesus’s was?!! Can you imagine how odd that would be?!!

Now, I’m not really sure what Jesus’ personality was like on a daily basis, but I know 12 year olds pretty well from the myriad of youth groups I’ve been a leader in, and I can tell you that I have never heard a boy of his age say anything like that when questioned about his behavior!

And yet, Jesus was fully man. So how can we relate to someone who, even from such a young age, knew his purpose, his reason for existing on the earth, and proceeded as such, no matter what others (including his bothered parents) thought! I mean, let’s be practical, sometimes being like Christ… even as an adult in mimic, feels very abnormal to our natural way of doing things.

He was just different.

In reality, when someone asks us “what’s up,” our natural response is, “Nothing” or “Not much.” But what if we decided to be weird? I mean it! What if we decided to live the abnormal way of life… what would happen? Would we lose people around us because of their newfound perception of us? Would we not succeed on an earthly level? Would we not find the love that we seek so diligently? These all seem to be the fears that slap us in the face when we are asked about or lives. “Answer in the normal way,” our conscience says. Don’t say anything that is strange… or different. Be the same. Be cookie cutter. Be the mold. Don’t be you or even figure out who “you” is. People might not like the “you.” Or worse… you might not like the “you.”

Jesus was different, fully man but a different kind of man: a Spirit-led man.

What would happen if we lived by the Spirit as Jesus did in everything we said and did? Is this a crazy thought? Feels like it a bit… but I’m gonna’ try it in 2015! I’ll wake up in the morning and ask God to move me, speak through m, and help me to be the “me” that He created me to be: His image bearer, His BeLoved.

People might say thing, and I might even feel uncomfortable! But I believe that the benefits of giving my whole self to Jesus for His purposes this year, outrageous statements/actions and all, will outweigh my possible fears of isolation. Scripture clearly states that “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” and that “If God is for us, who can be against us.” (Is 54:17 & Rom. 8:31)

So when someone says “What’s up?” to me in 2015, I’m going to do my best to respond with more than a “Nothing much” statement, and instead declare what is involved with daily being about my Father’s business. Will you join me?

Cover Photo Credit: Sheldon Powell