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Our March Newsletter

Working hard and moving on with the studio. The weather is warming up and the snow is finally melting in Lviv. Which means our studio isn’t freezing anymore! Despite the cold we have been very active at The Potter’s Clay. We recently held two photo workshops about studio lighting, At the first one, a surprising ten people showed up! Everyone really liked it and learned a lot. At the second one, only four people showed, but I met a really cool guy, Jonathan. He is from England, and he was the first member of the photo club! I have been...

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My Outreach Experience

By Alena I was young, but already knew that I if came to God and left my strange friends, it should be interesting. I just wanted to hear God, to know that all this is real. I started ministry at 19. It started with prayer and tears. As usual I was terrified about my calling and felt that it will take a lot of sacrifice. My ministry was gathering people to visit orphanages in the village, 120 km from Kiev.  It was not easy, but I had a wonderful team of people, Yarik and Sasha, and God gave us...

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How To Hear God

By Alena. In church we often discuss this topic and can share with each other’s different experience. And it’s very important to encourage our sisters and brothers, but for this we need to go into the field and be involved in some ministry. My experience of hearing God’s voice is mostly around orphans and with my calling in life. Also of course God whispers to me how to be a good wife, mother, and daughter. Sometimes God tells me through people in church something about my critical situation, and this word can be so practical and useful. Before my...

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It’s Finally Happening

I am proud to announce that after all the planning , brainstorming, research, and praying, we finally have an art studio. After a lot of searching and saving, we finally decided to make a move and look for an studio space. We looked on the internet for a warehouse and found a fairly large one for a decent price. We called and later that day we went there. When we arrived we discovered it was already a photo studio! Here’s a Little Tour   Alena’s Future Art Studio It will be cleaner when we move in, and with a...

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A Trip to a War Zone

Alena Marasek On 22.08.17- 30.08.17 I had mission trip to Luhansk region. In the beginning of summer I asked my husband to pray about some opportunity for me to serve. Every summer I try to separate for ministry, because at this time I don’t have so many art commissions and it’s good time to trust God. Usually in the summer I have projects such as wall painting in hospitals and orphanages and mission trips. It’s the best time in my life. Now it’s more difficult, because after the wedding we have a lot of paperwork for Joey’s permanent visa,...

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