So Papa asked me to “Come away” with Him long ago… at 6 years old, actually.

When He asked…not told but asked, I said yes. I said yes largely because it sounded like an adventure to live my life with Him leading me. Partly, because He was so romantic in His early pursuit of my heart. And mostly, because I knew right then and there that He LOVED me more than anyone could ever love someone as humans on this earth. I desired that relationship with Him and He began, in that little moment, to build my faith, to trust, to follow, and to live the adventure of a lifetime. Literally.

So when the mundane took away the shiny and the muck and mire covered over the happy thoughts about this life with Him… it was easy to let go of the promise… because holding on to what I couldn’t see felt like something was wrong with me… it felt like false hope… almost like I was crazy for believing that it would “work together for my good.” Fear entered where faith had once dwelt. And I wanted to give up on this future filled with trust in my invisible God. But I didn’t.

You haven’t either or you wouldn’t be reading this with eyes darting from the words fear to faith over and over again. Stick with me and see if you can further relate.

In these times, I’ve felt like I’m questioning the designer of a video game when there seems to be no way “out” with villains on the loose… but then… wait… where did that trap door come from. At that moment, the moment you walk through the way “out,” life lights up like the fireworks of our country’s independence and you see clearer as you walk in the light of His Word and His fellowship. The season of darkness… of doubt… has passed. You lean back against Him in trust once again.

But you wish for better next time.

Don’t you? I do. I’m always like, “Jesus! That was a storm… a doozy… it knocked me down and instead of brushing my knees off with your holy character, I cried out to you in disbelief! I’m a wretched daughter of a King to have not trusted in your ways and will for me… You’ve always been faithful! What was I thinking?!! Next time, God. Next time I’ll respond better.”

Yeah, God’s a good listener.

Instead of shame and guilt though (Tactics of the enemy), my Papa gently whispers, “Come away…” and I enter into His season of rest. He knows that I’m the only one who couldn’t see my growth. He also knows that me being able to talk to Him openly about the way I feel about myself, gives Him a chance to SHOW me that I’m not quite as wretched as I think I am after the storm… because His Spirit indwells me and His Spirit is mighty… and evident. And my heart belongs to Him forever because He pursued and won it so long ago.

Every time I am stuck in the “I’ll do better next time, Lord!” stage, Papa uses someone around me to give Godly perspective. That’s when the onlookers come over and say, “Wow! You amaze me with your strength through all this trial in your life! I can tell you just love the Lord so much!”

???? Well knock me over with a feather. I just couldn’t see His kingdom work in the plan that involves my faith in Him… and sometimes STRUGGLING faith in Him. I am human after all. Glad He’s not.

Maybe you’re like me and He pursued your heart when you were young… or just many years ago but the darkness of a world filled with the enemy’s ways has darkened your vision at times… it’s turned your heart gray and sullen here and there… God has something He wants to say to you right now so don’t miss it…

“Come away” with me… the Father of Lights, to reveal to you the areas of your life that could be brought from the shades of gray that you live in and into His glorious light of life.

I say…

“Come away” to the days of the past with lessons learned for the future, as we choose to seize FAITH in our Maker today. I have yet to conquer this quest and that is why I’m seeking His wisdom, His plans. Because I know they’re great… and absolutely full of Him.

And we can make this choice right now… a choice of faith in Him… again. That word “again” is what God calls grace and I plan to take it to heart and utilize it as many times as it takes to wait for the trap door to appear in each of my distraught moments, without the sounds of my panic beforehand.

Faith. Not fear. Belief. Not doubt. Trust. Not self-dependence.

It’s time to come to the Father and let Him take us to His place of rest… where all things become shiny and new… again.



PS What areas of your life do you feel have turned gray? Have you been hearing Papa say “come away?” If so, what lessons have you learned in this season of refreshment?

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