Over the past two weeks, when anyone has asked me how I am doing, I have repeated one phrase over and over.

Everything is changing.”

I mean most everything.


My ministry.

This community.


A constant recalibration and acceleration of everything that is anything that is everything.

A spiritual, physical, heavenly tune-up for the purpose of an exponential growth in output.

That is what is happening.

Right now.

And you, beloved child of God, need to be aware of it.

I don’t want to get into specifics because I hate spoiling the plotline before you’ve had a chance to see the movie.

But what I will tell you is that things are going to be different here in Japan.

And we need your prayer and faith to make that different as different as we can possibly make it.

We need you who are called to intercede for Japan to get on your knees and begin seeking the Lord’s heart for a shift in the spiritual atmosphere here.

We need you who are called to Japan to finally act on what God has put on your heart and come join us. No more messing around.

We need those of you whom God has burdened with a request for financial donations to trust God’s provision over your own life and hand that money over.

Like I said, everything is changing here.

And you might need to be part of it.

We might need you.

So stop wasting time, and if you know that the Lord has purposed you for Japan in some way, then enter into that place between terrifying and utterly exciting called “faith” and join us.

Everything here is changing.

We need you to ask yourself if it’s not time for a change in your life as well.

So seek the Lord, and those of you who hear His prompting, grab your bag of tools and get ready.

Japan is going to need you.

[If this is you, please send an email to aganaiministries@gmail.com for more information.]