Traveling can provide you with some high highs and some low lows as you get to experience some of the most beautiful places in the world all while navigating different customs, unknown foods, and foreign languages. Our Raising a Voice vision trip has allowed us to see this spectacular world – both its beauty and repulsive underbelly.

Many people ask us about our safety here, our safety there, etc. Now mind you we take every safety precaution we can, for there is no sense in making ourselves vulnerable to unnecessary risk, but in each place we go with the confidence of God and the humble petition of our prayer team for daily safety. We have been in neighboring countries during the bombings in Belgium and Turkey and to be honest the danger and uncertainty of this world can be intimidating.

However recently God has been showing us His truth and giving us divine peace. The evil that often seems overwhelming in this world is not new. Take a look at the unstable environments seen throughout the Old Testament, look at the persecution in the New Testament. God has seen far more evil than we can even fathom, but He asks us to be carriers of His hope, His grace, His forgiveness to this broken and desperate world that needs Him.

The wicked and evil people of this world seek to spread fear and hate, but God has given us a much stronger weapon – love. Love can mend the damages hate causes (Proverbs 10:12), love casts out fear allowing us to live in His grace (1 John 4:18). As we travel during this year we have the privilege of bringing redemption and restoration to the awful injustice of human trafficking, but we also get the opportunity to be agents of His love which carries with it power and protection, comfort and security, peace and hope.

Seeing the far ends of this earth isn’t always easy, but it’s a blessing and we hope you continue to follow along with our journey. May God grant you strength to overcome fear, peace amidst the world’s chaos, and love that overcomes hate for in this we see the beauty of this world!