Morning, noon, and night it’s easy to be distracted and I am… often.

I love that the word Papa gave me for this year was “focus” because its’ taken everything I have these first 7 months to stick to my promise of learning how to do just that. In most ways, I am intense, all in or all out… but as an overall lifestyle, I’m truly a vagabond. I can wade in and out of all that comes my way, and if not careful, I can lose sight of priorities and drift off into this idea or that service.

It’s not a negative lifestyle I perpetually lead in the sense that I am overwhelmed with temptation like you could imagine but temptation does come and it’s usually an opportunity to do something… anything, other than focus.

Now to focus on what I hear the Spirit speaking for this piece…

When Papa gives us something to do and we find something else to fill our time with, it is not the best way. I am reminded of Martha, distracted from sitting in the presence of Jesus because of the duties of her household that remained to be accomplished. The expectation to serve was that of her culture and her own acceptance of this role. Despite her efforts to get everything done… and possibly to do it all “right,” she missed the presence of the one true God. (Read Luke 10: 38-42)

Are we missing our time spent in His presence each day and pursuing our Kingdom purpose, because we are distracted and lacking boundaries? I know this is a weak area for me and that’s why I can write with such transparency and conviction on the topic. He told me January 1st that my focus this year was to “focus.” It’s been a fight. I guess my life is kind of ADD and I’ve allowed it to be in years past. It will be a process. We’re in month 7 and I’m not saying I’ve arrived or will completely in 2015 but I CAN tell you that I see a difference.

I see that my relationships are growing stronger because I’ve prioritized community and friendship in my life.

I see that my passion to serve has been focused in 2 specific locations serving well in each, instead of a toss of service in a wind of need in multiple locations.

I see that my work is harder because I’m able to challenge myself as I focus in on what will take my projects into the future to be prosperous.

I see my self-care flourishing as I learn to utilize what Jessica Turner taught me in her book The Fringe Hours.

As I have begun to focus in on what God’s will for my life is right now… I can see my future as brighter, shinier, and uplifted. Who doesn’t like to see that?!! It’s not because of my accomplishments on my own accord but because of His blessings of clarity and perspective as I continue in obedience to my Maker.

I continue my prayer in close, “Lord, Jesus, keep me focused the rest of this year and beyond on YOU and YOUR will. And may that focus filter into my every day lifestyle as you see fit to lead me into braver times.



PS Do you have a word for 2015? What is it and how have you done with the pursuit of it this year thus far?