Sometimes I marvel at how much bigger, stronger, and greater God is than me, which is hard to do considering I can’t even comprehend the extent of how much better He is than me. I love taking in the profound truth of Isaiah 55: 9 which says, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” However, sometimes I don’t marvel at how big, great, and amazing our God is and sometimes I underestimate just how much God can do. As we have started to lay the foundation of Raising a Voice and the ministry God has called us to, God is continually bringing me to a place of realizing I need to get out of the way!

I need to remove myself from the ministry and stop focusing on making the ministry about what I think needs to be done. Sometimes we get in our own way and then don’t realize God was actually leading us in another way. Time and time again, I have taken a step back to let God take a step forward with the development of Raising a Voice because I realize in my finite strength I can only accomplish so much, in my finite understanding I can only do so much. Fortunately, Raising a Voice seeks to put God first in all that we do and simply follow His leading. He has infinite strength, infinite understanding and is able to accomplish and do infinitely more than we will ever be able to do with Raising a Voice in our own strength. Getting out of the way to let God do the leading allows us to be a servant to our great God and helps our ministry follow the will of God.

Practically, getting out of the way in your own ministry can be difficult to do. God has given us great passion and great vision for Raising a Voice for our immediate and long term ministry. Some things we want to do require a lot of planning, thus requiring a lot of patience. In our finite time, we are only able to pursue so many courses of action, thus we often find ourselves sitting before God in prayer asking for wisdom, discernment, and guidance to what He wants us to prioritize. Raising a Voice continues to seek to lay our foundation in prayer so that we pursue what God wants and when God wants us to do it. We believe through humbly submitting our ministry time and time again, God will provide us with opportunity and wisdom on how to build up our ministry.

Trust me: you can accomplish some things in your own strength, but in your own strength, your capabilities and potential are so limited. This is something I have had to learn time and time again as we have started Raising a Voice, and it is a lesson we will continue to learn. Ultimately, you need to get out of your own way and let God do the leading, for when you submit yourself to God’s leadership, you are in the most effective place for ministry.