Many people ask the question what is God’s calling for my life, what does God want me to do to bring glory to His kingdom? Recently I have been asking myself what is God calling me to do with my life and the word that seems to come to mind is relationship.

Every day we are presented with an opportunity to be in relationship with somebody or some thing. There is no avoiding this. We encounter other people, we encounter God’s creation, we are people made to be in relationship. First and foremost the relationship with utmost priority is our relationship with God. This relationship seems to be the one that gets left on the back burner most often because there are practical things we have to get done in a day or at least goes many people’s arguments.  However I would argue this is the most readily available relationship of them all considering God is omnipresent. While I may not know God’s exact calling for my life or your life I know part of that calling is to be in relationship with Him and seeking to grow in His likeness.

Considering I am engaged I believe God has called me to pursue my soon to be wife and through this relationship we are to portray the Gospel. Our relationship is to serve as a testament to God’s love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, etc. It is to serve to a testament to the people we surround ourselves by – our family, our friends, our co-workers, etc. God has placed us around other people for a reason – to make Him known.

Finally I also believe God has cultivated and grown in us all unique talents, skills, and giftings to use for His glory. I believe we are to be in relationship with those skills to allow these things God has given us to benefit His kingdom. For some people it might be writing, others it might be drawing, and for others it might be physical labor. No matter what it is there are manners in which we can use our giftings for His glory.

While I may not have all of the pieces put together for God’s calling on my life I know how to faithfully walk forward in the steps He has given me right now. My purpose is to seek God above all else, to be in relationship with those God has placed in my life, and to be in relationship with the blessings He has given me to use for the growth and service of His kingdom. When you understand your purpose in life you will be prepared and equipped to respond faithfully to the calling.