Boggs are back! After almost one year of traveling, our vision trip has come to a close and we are back on United States soil. We are excited to be back home, and it is refreshing to be able to take a break from the constant adjustments to new cultures, languages, and public transportation systems!

One of the most important things we are doing now is reflecting back on our time abroad. We are making connections, trying to find the bigger pictures, and looking for the important aspects of our research. But also as we look back on the past year, we always go back to the original reasons we even began to dream of this trip.

God has many characteristics, some of which we get to see on an everyday basis, such as his mercy and grace, and some which we will never understand until we meet Him. His justice is a trait that is often hard to perceive in a world that feels more and more evil, but is heavily promised throughout the Bible. He promises a father to the orphans, living water to the thirsty, and to make those who may be considered last on this earth as first in Heaven. These are all ultimately a part of His perfect justice. However, he also invites us into bringing that into the world today. He calls people around the world to be a friend, a helper, and a caregiver. This trip was first and foremost an answer to the pursuit of Christlike justice in the world. To be His hands and feet until His return. To be with those who suffer more than we can imagine, not to be above them. We wanted to truly be able to raise the voices of these people, not to feel like we were giving them a voice or speaking for them.

We were able to see hands of Christ all over the world, diligently doing His work against all odds. We hope our future book and research will be able to give them a place where their voices are heard on a broader platform, and more people will answer their calls as well.

– Will & Katie Boggs