There have been many times recently where I have really been forced to look inside myself to find an answer to an issue I’m facing, relationally or otherwise. And by “inside myself” I don’t mean without the Spirit’s guidance or within my own wisdom’s rights. What I do mean is that to look at everyone else or other hindrances can only take you so far into permanent change. It’s often something within ourselves that is causing our continued frustration.

Maybe the problem you’re facing isn’t actually your fault at all… maybe, you can’t even change it on the outside.

But inside of you, because of this (fill in the blank) situation… there is now bitterness, greed, unrighteous anger, dissatisfaction, regret, guilt… I could go on and on! I know I like to beat myself up on the inside when I can’t fix a situation from the outside… please, tell me that someone out there can relate?

In Ephesians, Paul begins chapter 1 by introducing himself and his relation with the Father. He then moves on to give glory to God for His creation… His BeLoved. After that, Paul describes for us our purpose and our sonship or belonging to God. And I’d go as far into this passage as to say, he writes of God’s plan for us all along.

Way before our storybook was even opened, that our story had already begun… our Creator and the greatest Author of all, began to write our first chapter. He claimed us as His BeLoved.

When we see this all knowing, and oh so loving picture of our Father, deciding that we were worth it… all of it… the “it” being the sin and shame leading to the death of His Son… we can know that the problems we face in this world are fleeting. That it is only by looking inside of ourselves and addressing our inner hurts and wounds, caused by living in a fallen world, that we will find His healing from what we walk through now.

Inner healing. Can you imagine?

He gives me a heavenly perspecitive… when I let Him. Ha! I just have to stop looking around to find the answers and realize that I may never be able to change the way someone feels about me, or bring physical healing to a sick friend in dying desperate need, or rescue millions around the world from human trafficking, and/or even bring my own family member back to Christ where they belong.

I am going to give my all to each of these situations… and should! But sometimes I hurt on the inside because of the devastation that I can’t fix from the outside.

But if I choose to look inside of me and pick out the parts that are hurting because of all of this outside stuff I can’t change, offering it with open hands unto the God who holds all of these issues close to His own heart, I get to let go. To be free. To see differently… and even to feel better.

Does that sound selfish… giving up everything to God so that He can handle it all and I can feel better?

If it does to you, I think we are a lot alike. It’s the very reason I tend to hang onto things that are out of my control for too long.

The ISV Bible translation says in 1 Peter 5:7, “Throw all your worry on him, because he cares for you.”

THROW… not hand over slowly… or let Him peel one finger off and then the other… THROW!!!!

God would not have given such a translatable word as this if He did not fully expect to carry our broken concerns without them being fixed already. After all, when do we really find the need to THROW something? When handing or even tossing is not vigilant enough!!!

We were NOT meant to hold the problems of this world within us. He desires this turnover… He says, watch this… I can fix all of it and make you feel better because I’m awesome… no, no, pay attention! I’m about to show you how powerful I am by making this go away like it was lint in the dryer tray. It’s gone, cast away. No more.

Stop looking around for a fix… or even holding it all in… look inside yourself for where you can change or something you can let go of. It’s time to THROW it all at God. It’s okay, He can handle it. He can handle YOU. He loves you so much… have I said that yet in this devo? He does.

Look inside right now… lean on Him… cry, laugh. Ready yourself.

Now go ahead… 1, 2, 3… THROW!



Are you like Lauren and so many others who try and fix “stuff” on the outside, when you really need to look on the inside for what you can allow God to have and change for you there? Tell us about that and how you have practically learned to THROW those inner hurts at God for Him to handle. Lastly, do you feel free because of this life change?