Helena Jordão-Keasler


Helena is the director of Phylla House, a women’s ministry joined to CODE Ministries. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She immigrated to the USA at age 11 and gave her life to Jesus in high school. In college, she majored in Medical Technology at the University of North Texas. A few years after graduation, she sold all her belongings to travel the world on a mission trip. Upon returning, she moved to Georgia, started Phylla House, and met her husband, Buddy.  She is a writer and speaker; and has a heart to mentor younger women and minister to the brokenhearted.

Q & A:

What is your favorite food: 

Helena loves food, but the only food she’s cried for joy over is cheese pizza. True story. Real tears.

What is your Favorite color: 

Helena’s favorite color is the blend of a bright sunrise, that magical mix of pink, orange, blue, and gold. Her short answer is sky blue.

What is your favorite dessert: 

Helena’s favorite dessert is tres leches cake.

Where is your favorite place to visit: 

Helena’s favorite place to visit is her family home in Brazil, specifically grandma’s lap. The mountains and beaches are also a plus, but grandma is number one.

What is your dream vacation:

Helena’s dream vacation is an epic exploration of Greece and Italy.


I think His arms opened wide were to show us that He’s always willing to embrace us. I see that...


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