Hello… it’s been a while.

Life keeps happening! So while life has been going on and on, the vision for BeLoved has grown and morphed, and become something less pressured… more organic. I think you’ll really like it and may want to be a part of it in your own small and possibly bigger way.

beloved stories

BeLoved’s 1st Campaign was called BeLoved Stories and revealed that folks were changed by testifying about God’s movement in their lives! That campaign will be ongoing and you may see a bit of a marketing siege soon to bring in more stories… maybe yours?


That said… it’s about time to introduce you to BeLoved’s next Campaign! (Go ahead and give a little holla’!) I could NOT be more excited because y’all, it’s simple and yet one of the most impactful things you could do for the world… like from your couch! I’m not kidding! But it wouldn’t be BeLoved if we told you all the things, all at one time. Living as God’s BeLoved is an adventure! So, in true BeLoved style, consider this DAY 7 (AS in 7… 6… 5… and so on!) of the count down to reveal BeLoved’s next Campaign!


BeLoved’s next Campaign will be unveiled next Wednesday, July 27 (Promise!) and I hope you’ll all be there!

PS Have you ever read BeLoved Stories? Click here to see how others lives were changed by the power of knowing they are unconditionally loved.