Our Raising a Voice yearlong vision trip is coming to a close in under a month. We are currently in our last stop – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and this trip has proven to be quite a journey from our first stop to our last stop. It has come with great benefits of seeing beautiful sights such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the Taj Mahal in India, but has also come with many difficult challenges adjusting to many different cultures all while seeing the dark side of the world in human trafficking across the globe.

This trip is all about shining a light on human trafficking around the world. When we expose darkness to the light progress is made, hope is found. Human trafficking continues to impact an innumerable amount of people around the world, but we have seen redemption and restoration being achieved, we have seen organizations daily walking in the trenches to see progress. There is a lot that remains to be done of course, but be encouraged there are organizations pursuing this work. They need your prayers, they need your talents, they need your support. Progress isn’t made by being complicit or sticking to the status quo, but is made by daily taking small steps forward one at a time. Our prayer is that we look back in one year, five years, fifty years to see more being done to address human trafficking and less exploitation happening. We remain confident that God is using our journey to play a role in the world’s journey of pursuing justice and ending trafficking.

While our trip is about to end, the real difficult work begins. We want you to know about human trafficking, we want you to play a role in addressing it within your sphere of influence. This can be spending time on your knees in prayer or giving your time to volunteer for a local anti-trafficking organization. It can look like telling your friends more about this horrendous injustice or supporting work around the world to address it. We would love to help you know how to best be involved!

As our trip winds down and we work in unity with other ministries during the Olympic Games in Brazil to prevent trafficking, restore individuals, and create global awareness of this issue, we want you to know our work continues on. Our ministry will change once we are stateside, but we will not relent in telling people and speaking about human trafficking. We seek to equip ministries around the world with connections and resources to better address trafficking in their local area within their cultural context. We seek to empower individuals to be involved with these organizations around the world as together we bring light to the darkness of this world and take steps forward in addressing global human trafficking. Trafficking can only be overcome through faith and God’s love as His people take a stand against the darkness. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5).