On Friday, April 10th 2015, we will reveal the FIRST EVER BeLoved Campaign!!! 

This will be such an exciting day for us and as God’s BeLoved, it will involve you as well! So keep up with the countdown and check back with us for the big moment, when you find out how you can be a part of BeLoved’s beginning step towards positive social change in the world! 

We are thrilled to let you in on this project that Papa has led us to focus on first as a new grassroots organization. He has orchestrated every single detail and as you will agree, I’m sure, will receive all the glory for the great things He plans to do through BeLoved with CODE Ministries at its helm.

“This is an inspirational moment for me. It almost feels unreal to be at this point. I am humbled to believe that the “big reveal” on April 10th could begin a movement of social change, where the people all over the world decide to claim their true status as God’s BeLoved, breaking off chains of victimization… Causing lives to be freed and hearts to come home.” 

– Lauren Anne Powell, Director of BeLoved

“I can’t believe the first Campaign is just around the corner! I am excited to see how God is going to shake the Kingdom for His GLORY through this first Campaign! I have felt for a long time that this first Campaign is one of the most worthy causes for the Kingdom and I look forward to seeing how people will respond and react to the first of many Campaigns we will be doing to promote the Love of God to a desperate world!”

-Matthew Murray, Founder & Executive Director of CODE Ministries

April 10th, 2015...God’s BeLoved will never be the same!