Lindy Packard


Lindy has loved the outdoors her whole life. She grew up in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania where she explored the woods on her grandparent’s campground. She accepted Jesus when she was 5 years old and knew that He had great adventures in store. As a teenager, she started working at a youth camp in the Adirondacks and fell in love with camping ministry. After finishing Bible School, she was able to work at camps all over the country counseling, running programs, and teaching horseback riding. In 2005 God put it on her heart to start her own camp and He has been continually putting the pieces together to make that happen.

Q & A:

What is your favorite food:

Anything Mexican, but especially Chimichangas

What is your favorite movie:

That Thing You Do! I could watch it every day.

What is your favorite candy:

Jelly Bellys

Where is your favorite place to visit:

It’s a tie between Vancouver Island and Paris, France.

What is your dream vacation:

One day I hope to visit Germany with my family because my parents were stationed there in the 70s and they loved it. I want to take them back.

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