Standing still will not get me anywhere.

Reluctant to make decisions, work on projects, or even keeping in touch with people, I feel these as symptoms of fear. I’m not afraid of movement itself, or success, or even what people may think of my progress in life.

Rather, the waves I create when I move through this life, seem to paralyze me. I know I was made to make waves, swim, but I’m ‘floating on’ like a Modest Mouse.

Yes, fear of uncertainty ahead; fear of the dark.

I do see that I can’t eradicate stiffness just by moving, trying more, or processing; yes, that all helps, but splashing doesn’t equal swimming.

So, I learn how to breath right, how to make waves and keep pushing the water behind me, glide forward, hovering above and ahead of the waves my motion makes.

Yes, the future is in the dark, but I know how to see in the dark…

We need love and light.

Love destroys the wire fencing and placid walls of our homes, it is not comfortable and it is painful.

Light exposes and dispels shadows and their intentions. This is also painful.

The Life Guard, the Technician who fixes it, the Son of God, he knows this pain and invites us to be propelled by it, unafraid, because of the joy ahead, the hope, the love we share, mercy.

In this movement of hope, the painful work for love, we can be still and know…