If you are like me, you wake up with good intentions most mornings to spend time with God, read the Bible, pray, etc. However, sometimes you take that extra sleep, sometimes your day gets really busy, sometimes you just need some personal time to rest and you find yourself at the end of the day ready to go to bed without spending time with God. Days like these add up and turn into weeks and sometimes even months, and then you find yourself after a while feeling distant from God. If you are even more like me, once you get to this point, you wallow in self-pity thinking about what could’ve been different if you prioritized time with God in your life. I understand moments like these and I’m here to tell you they are normal, but they don’t have to be your normal.

While I was serving around the world for 11 months on the World Race, there were times when I felt really close and really far from God. However towards the end of my 11 month journey, in Romania, I spent a good amount of time in prayer. I loved going up to this grassy hillside and praying for myself, my family, and the small village the hill overlooked. During that month, I felt like I started to experience and understand the power of prayer. As I said in my last blog, God created us to be in relationship with Him, and one thing relationship requires is communication. Prayer is one of many ways in which you can communicate with God and grow your relationship with Him.

In Romania, I was beginning to show signs of full force missionary burnout, but through prayer and the power God gives it, I was able to find the energy each day to serve Him as best as I could. Through prayer, God was able to show me many amazing moments in ministry that month, including a Romanian being able to read for the first time in years after we gave her some simple non-prescription magnification glasses. Through prayer, my time with God seemed so much more natural and enjoyable as opposed to something on a to-do list or that I felt obligated to do. Prayer has the power to greatly change your life and the lives of others around you.

The wonderful thing about prayer is it requires no materials, no skill, and not even a ton of time necessarily. Throughout the day things will come to my head that need God’s care and attention and also things that evoke praise of God for one of life’s simple blessings He generously gives us, and when these thoughts cross my mind I try to set aside 30 seconds to pray or give praise. It’s a discipline that takes time to develop, but I promise you it’s one that will enrich your life as you experience the power of prayer in your life and those around you.