This month, we are giving each CODE Missionary the chance to come to you with prayer needs regarding them, their ministries, and the countries where they serve. Each of these posts includes specific prayer requests as well as a YouTube video of a song picked by these missionaries. We encourage you to use these worship songs to center your heart and mind as you lift up our missionaries before God’s throne. Thank you for loving our missionaries well and soaking them in your prayers. We are all so thankful for you– our supporters, readers, and friends.

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I chose this song because of the incredible question it poses, “What does love look like?” The whole world wants to know! But I also chose it because of the description it gives to each individual who could be categorized as a picture of love. Someone, who chooses to act in a way that accurately depicts Christ’s greatest gift of love, His death on the cross for our redemption.


A selfless love is the love that we all desire most and to be someone who lives that kind of love is another step in that same desired direction. Going from the knowledge that we are LOVED and walking in that love as the BeLoved of God. So here we go.

BeLoved longs to see each and every person, with their own unique story, walking as an image of God’s great, selfless love on this earth. Living life to its’ fullest and serving others before themselves. Even looking in the mirror at their own image and recognizing their value, as the love of God motivates them to live the next day with greater purpose and exuberance of faith than the day before.

  1. Pray that BeLoved can reach those in greatest need to experience full worth and freedom
  2. Pray that the right team will be brought together to form the BeLoved structure needed
  3. Pray that funding would pour in so that campaigns can be formed and projects fulfilled
  4. Pray for awareness of BeLoved to spread so that even more prayer support will come
  5. Pray for Lauren (Director of BeLoved), as she seeks to always be moved by the Lord
  6. Pray for a BeLoved Movement. It’s time for God’s children to claim their BeLoved status

Thank you for your prayers support! It means the world to the future of BeLoved. When we gather together to pray for big things, that’s when God surprises us with even bigger results, above our imaginations capability!


Continue today with gusto, as you walk in the knowledge that love is how you choose to walk… Be encouraged to choose to take every step as Christ’s BeLoved!

Bonus: Check out the band Among The Thirsty here. They’re friends of mine!