This month, we are giving each CODE Missionary the chance to come to you with prayer needs regarding them, their ministries, and the countries where they serve. Each of these posts includes specific prayer requests as well as a YouTube video of a song picked by these missionaries. We encourage you to use these worship songs to center your heart and mind as you lift up our missionaries before God’s throne. Thank you for loving our missionaries well and soaking them in your prayers. We are all so thankful for you– our supporters, readers, and friends.

Prayer is an undervalued, underutilized tool that Katie and I believe needs to be at the central point of our ministry. Prayer is such a powerful and vital part of reaching out to people to share God’s love. We are excited to invite you to pray with us for the development of our ministry and for the injustice of human trafficking.

First, for human trafficking, we ask you to pray for the millions of women worldwide trapped in this injustice impacting their daily life. Just as God knows you, He also knows them and we pray that they develop a relationship with their Savior first and foremost. We pray for their safety in captivity, but also for their rescue and rehabilitation.

Pray for the pimps who control these women physically and emotionally. We pray that the pimps realize their wrongdoing and turn to God for mercy and forgiveness.

Finally, we also ask you to pray for the johns, the customers requesting the services of human trafficking victims, that they turn to the only source who offers true fulfillment and unconditional love.


For Katie and myself, we ask you to pray for peace – peace that the vision we are following is what God is calling us to do, peace that missionaries and organizations will rally around us and partner with us, peace that transcends all fears and doubts, and peace that God will provide the necessary funds through His people.

Pray for our marriage in this season of preparation during our engagement and for opportunity to share God’s love, grace, and forgiveness with people involved in human trafficking around the world.

Lastly, pray for safety on our upcoming journey to visit and see these ministries firsthand and that while there we will encourage and strengthen the faith of missionaries and organizations we meet with while they do the same in return for us.

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