Katie and I are excited to announce that we have officially booked the first leg of our vision trip for Raising a Voice. Our vision trip will see us travel to different regions of the world including Southeast Asia, Indian subcontinent, Middle East, Western Europe, East Africa, and South America to meet with local human trafficking ministries to hear about the work they are doing. On this vision trip, our main premise will be to write a book sharing with people the atrocities of human trafficking from around the world in a relatable way.

Human trafficking impacts approximately 27 million people worldwide and generates billions of dollars a year. If you are like me, these statistics are overwhelming and hard to swallow. We believe many Americans and westerners see these statistics, and they are so hard to fathom they hear these statistics and do nothing with them. Our book will feature stories of human trafficking survivors, human trafficking workers, and others related to the injustice. Through their stories, the reader will be able to see and understand how one individual can be caught up in the injustice of human trafficking, but also see how a human trafficking ministry can come alongside them to radically change their life. These are often hard stories to hear, but we believe these are the stories that people need to know in order to put a name and face with human trafficking. Furthermore, we believe that for the survivors, those impacted by human trafficking, sharing their story brings healing and a sense of purpose to their incomprehensible pain. They can raise their voice about human trafficking generating awareness, prompting help, and encouraging others to stay away from the injustice. Raising a Voice as an organization doesn’t want to speak for these individuals because they have a voice; they have a story to share. We simply hope to give them a platform to share their story with the wide world that so desperately needs to hear it.

Furthermore, on our vision trip we hope to connect human trafficking ministries together as the body of Christ to learn from one another’s failures and successes. The old mantra of united we stand, divided we fall is definitely one we believe in for human trafficking. We want to unite these ministries together to help them be more effective and through this unity we believe they will be able to more comprehensively serve those in human trafficking. Each ministry has something unique to offer in the process of combatting human trafficking and if we are able to piece those puzzles together we believe human trafficking can come to a stop.

Ultimately Raising a Voice hopes to unite ministries together, create awareness of the injustice, and finally provide opportunities for service in the realm of human trafficking. Speaking from first-hand knowledge once you see human trafficking it will never leave your memory, it will inspire you to take a stand for freedom. Our hope is that you stand up for these 27 million women and men caught in the horrible lifestyle of human trafficking and we ask you to take a stand against it with us. Follow our vision trip (we leave September 1st by the way), stay connected with Raising a Voice, let us know where and how you want to serve locally, nationally, or even internationally. There is a lot to be done against this injustice and ready or not Katie and I are obediently following God’s calling to be an active part of the solution. Is He calling you to take a part in addressing human trafficking? We would love to know if He is!