Sweat dripping off fists swinging, and my pounding heart racing to pull oxygen from rapid, strained breaths. I love running. For years I had the same old rugged pair of running shoes. They gradually decayed until I had completely forgotten the feeling of new shoes. That was until someone gave me a $100 gift certificate to Foot Locker. Trying to stretch that $100, I bought 5 new t-shirts, a new jacket, and a brand new pair of running sneakers! When I tried them on, I couldn’t believe how bouncy my feet felt, and when I first ran in them, they felt weightless! Wow! Why was it so hard to ditch my old shoes?

Sentiment. Yes, I was sentimentally attached to my old running shoes. This was not funny, I had run in the Philippines and Mexico and even Haiti with them, how could I just toss ‘em?

Sometimes the clothes, shoes, and even musical instruments we hold so dear get tarnished and ineffective. Like our very life, our sentimental items are temporary. While they are often nostalgic, and so comfortable, we easily forget what it was like when our shoes were new!

Jesus, a carpenter, teacher, and miracle-working prophet, showed us how holding on to things prevents us from experiencing newness! When clenching on to our goals, ambitions, plans, and traditions, as noble as they may be, we often forget that we can have new ‘shoes’ to walk in every day with Jesus who has given us a gospel of peace, that our feet would be clad with peace, and our hearts would allow the first son of many sons of God to be lifted up for all to experience this new way to walk.