Many people have been asking me recently how I developed the vision of Raising a Voice and the short answer is it was a God thing. I spoke a little bit about it in my BeLoved story I shared (check it out here). Also, if you haven’t already checked out BeLoved, do it right now! God is doing amazing things through this ministry already and He has so much in store for its future. You’re welcome for getting you plugged in to it early.

Here is a little more insight to the development of Raising a Voice. Back track to summer 2012 when I went to Cambodia to teach at a local orphanage for a month and share the love of Christ with my students. On this trip I had some serious highs and lows including my first real memorable undeniable experience with the Holy Spirit and also a week in a Cambodian hospital. I’ll focus on the first one for the sake of this story. I went to the top of my Cambodian mountain with a beautiful view over the Tonle Sap lake village and there was no denying God spoke to me there. It wasn’t an audible voice, it was more like a feeling. It was God beckoning me into the more He had for me as He told me I would return to Cambodia at some point. Fast forward to November 2013 and there is was the fulfillment of His promise – my return to Cambodia.

Before I returned to Cambodia in November 2013, the month prior I was serving with a human trafficking ministry in Chiang Mai, Thailand called Lighthouse in Action. God’s presence was unavoidable in this ministry for me and the whole month seemed like a whirlwind to me. I saw human trafficking for the first time and it was all I could think of. My heart longed to do something about it, but what could I do? My return to Cambodia and subsequent month outside the small village of Kampot saw the development of the vision of Raising a Voice. Once again God’s beckoning and call was heavy on me to the point there was no denying what He was asking me to do. I was to start a human trafficking ministry that slowly and surely developed into what is today Raising a Voice.

Today I want you to be encouraged that God has a plan for you, a perfect plan that He has been preparing you for maybe without your knowledge. From the qualities I possess to the education I have, it is evident to me that God has been equipping me for this very ministry He has called me to do. I want you to know those feelings, those instincts, those crazy thoughts that seem impossible to change the world that come across your heart are there for a reason. Maybe just maybe it is God beckoning and guiding you towards His special purpose in the Kingdom of God! Rest assured the road isn’t an easy one and sometimes seems counterintuitive or unconventional to the rest of society, but it is the best most fulfilling route possible. Follow those quite whispers or those secret thoughts because it just might be God beckoning you.

My prayer for you is that you obediently and faithfully respond to the calling God has placed on your life and in your heart. Then take a front row seat and watch God work amazing things through His humble and faithful servant according to His wonderful plan.