So there I was, forty thousand feet in the air, rocking back and forth, and giggling uncontrollably. I apologize to anyone in the economy class of flight MH 0052.

I am actually going to Japan. When I step off this plane, I will actually be in Japan. Thoughts such as these ran unceasingly through my head with a gale force.

Why was I so excited? Well, one: The last time I had been in my favorite country was three years ago, and also, this time I wasn’t just visiting. I was actually moving there. Two: I was Joshua entering Canaan.

Let me back up a little. A long long time ago, before the World Race, before mission trips, even before middle school, the Lord had snuck Japan into my heart. At ten years old, the Land of the Rising Sun had overtaken my thoughts and ambitions. I knew then, before I was even a teenager, that I would be going to Japan. That to make it there was my goal. The Lord fulfilled the desires of my heart when I was eighteen and again when I was twenty by providing an opportunity to teach English for three months at a time in a Japanese Christian Preschool.
Let me tell you this: Japan is where the Lord wants me. It is where I found the Holy Spirit, it is where I found Masumi (but that story is for another time), and now, it is where I find my home and my ministry.
For three years I prayed every day for the Lord to finally send me back to Japan. Six months ago He answered that prayer in abundance. Over the course of those months He revealed His will for me through dreams, visions, names, and His Word. My God is an endlessly creative and colorful God.

Here is the crux of the message He gave to me:
“I am calling you to be like Joshua. You are commanded to be strong and courageous. You are not to be discouraged. I am giving you the land of Japan for My Name and My people as I gave Joshua and the Israelites the land of Canaan. There are many giants in Japan, but I am with you.”
I am with you.
Those were all the words I needed to hear. I was sold.

After He had explained to me His will, He began to share more of His plan. Nothing major. Just little pieces here and there. Like a puzzle. I love my God. He’s so fun!
Top Left Corner Piece: A vision of me starting a ministry in the house I used to live at in Osaka.
Rectangular Piece with three hooks: You are going to start a Men’s Discipleship House. Ya know, like the ones back in Acts.
Left Wall Piece with a twisted end: You will also plant a Women’s House of Healing for women who have suffered prostitution, abuse, and other severe realities.
Bottom Right Corner Piece: You will stay for three years growing this ministry and multiplying my disciples.

He has given me a lot more of the pieces since then, as well. But He has also left a vast majority unfinished. Now this doesn’t mean that He can’t see the picture on the front of the box, this is just Him giving me the adventure of putting it together one piece at a time.
I can’t wait to see how beautiful it is when it is done.

I understand this is a very vague description of my ministry, but I didn’t want to introduce myself with the full structured plan of each specific detail that goes into Aganai Ministries (Yes, that is the name of my ministry. Aganai means “Redemption” in Japanese.). You see, God didn’t start me off with the details. He started it all with a vision, and that is exactly what I want you to see.
The Vision.

Takes a lot of faith to look at a vision and decide to invest in it, doesn’t it?
But that is what God asked me to do, and that is what I am going to ask you to do as well.
So…please support me. Please support my ministry. Financially. Prayerfully. Every fully you can muster.
The only people who were allowed entry into Canaan were those who had faith despite giants.

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Thank you for reading, and may God bless you with grace!

Zacheria Cobos