Zach is the Director of College-Age Ministry and Discipleship and the Social Justice Coordinator at Mustard Seed Christian Church Osaka. He was born and raised in the deserts of Arizona, which provided him with plenty of exploration and adventure with his friends. Zach has had a heart for Japan since he was 10 years old. After visiting several times, God led him to make the move to Osaka, Japan in 2014 and he has been living there since. In 2015, Zach found Mustard Seed Christian Church Osaka, and in 2016 became staff.  His next plan is to continue assisting the Mustard Seed Christian Church Network in planting churches in urban Japan and raising disciples for the glory of God.

Norma helps at Mustard Seed Christian Church Network through building websites and assisting with various other church planting necessities. She was born in Mexico and moved to Phoenix, Arizona at age 12.  Norma and Zach met in 2013, became friends, and married in August 2016. Norma has an incredible heart for missions and for reaching women in the sex industry in order to share with them the true hope of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Zach and Norma currently reside in Osaka, Japan where they work with the Mustard Seed Christian Church Network in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through sharing the Gospel, raising disciples, and planting churches for the glory of God.

Q & A:

What do you miss most about living in the United States?

Zach misses spending time with family, friends, and Mexican food. Norma misses spending time with friends and family, taking long drives through the desert, and her two dogs Leia and Vader.

What is your favorite verse?

Zach’s favorite verse is Philippians 1:21 and Norma’s is Galatians 2:20.

What is your greatest desire for the Japanese people?

Zach wants to see the hope of the Gospel of Christ change the desperate hearts of the people of Japan. Norma wants to see more generations being raised to know Christ.

What is your favorite thing about married life?

Zach says, “Having some who pushes me to become a better man by making me want to become the man she already sees me to be.” Norma says, “Having someone who celebrates my accomplishments and comforts me in my failures.”


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