We were on our way home after a night of prostitution ministry and “girl’s bar” ministry where we engage working girls in conversations and try to convey in the short three minutes we are allowed to talk to them—before the bouncer shows up and shoos us off—that their value goes immeasurably beyond what a man will pay in order to spend an hour with them.

It was around two thirty in the morning and the two men I was with—Daniel, a Texan and one of the most passionate persevering men I have ever met, and Seira, a Japanese man who has recently been discovering his relationship with Christ and who voluntarily became the translator for these particular nights out—and I were heading home to pray and sleep.

That’s when God brought us Matty (Obviously, I’ve changed his name to protect him.).

The first thing I heard was a long string of the fastest Japanese I have heard since I have been here. I turned to look at our lingual assailant and saw that he couldn’t have been much more than twenty years old. I caught only enough to understand that he was advertising women that we could have sex with in the hotel behind us as calmly as if he were selling chocolate bars for charity. He quickly explained that we probably couldn’t have any Japanese girls, as they would feel uncomfortable with not being able to speak English, but that there were plenty of Chinese and Taiwanese girls who spoke English enough for the job.

Most of the time when this happens, we politely refuse the “scouts” and continue walking, but something told us to talk to this little Japanese kid pitching sex.

The speed at which Japanese flew out of Matty’s mouth was beyond what Daniel and I could easily comprehend, so Seira translated for us most times. After he had told us all of our options, and let’s just say that “all options were open”, we decided to tell him that we were not looking for sex and that we were actually Christians.

“I knew it!” He said and looked at Daniel. “I knew that you looked familiar. I’ve met you before! You prayed for me a few weeks ago!”

Because he was wearing a hat, Daniel hadn’t recognized him. Apparently a couple weeks before when Daniel and another of our friends were doing the same thing, he had found Matty, and Matty had opened himself up to be prayed over, something that is very rare to find in Japan.

“Thank you so much for praying for me, big brother!” You could tell that he meant it.

We continued to share our hearts with him about why we were there and what we were trying to do. We explained how we were only there to talk to and show Christ’s love to the girls. You’d have thought that our desire to minister to the working girls instead of sleep with them would generally send most scouts, whose job is to find customers, high-tailing it in the opposite direction. But when God enters a place, what is normal in this world is radically turned upside-down.

Matty became more and more excited the more we explained. He began to tell us how he had been working this particular job since he was in middle school and that he was very well known around the area. His reputation was so high, with both his employers and the girls that he works with, that his employers were wanting to send him to a different country to work on employing women from there. He even told us that if we were to get into any trouble while we were in the city, that we could tell whoever it was that we knew him, give him a call, and that he could take care of it for us. Kind of a “get out of trouble free card.” Say what you will about it, in this type of ministry, it’s good to have friends like these.

“I want to help you guys out because of what you are doing here.” Says the man whose job the past five years has been to enlist lust-filled men to sate their desires on the damaged women of Japan. My God is the God of the impossible.

He continued to explain that he could get us major discounts to any of the Girl’s Bars, Kyabakura (Girl’s Cabaret), or other scanty venues in the area where if you pay extra, you get extra. It is something that our group is still praying about, but if it is God’s will, then we will be spending around sixty to upwards of one hundred dollars an hour for two of us to minister to these women in the hope and faith that the Spirit will influence them enough that no man will ever have the chance to pay for their time ever again.

We decided to invite our newfound friend to visit us at the “home parties” we have been throwing for the people we meet at club ministry every month. He lit up like a match at the invitation and fervently accepted the invitation. We proceeded to tell him that if any of the girls that he works with would like to come, that they would be welcome as well. The match became a torch as he bubbled, “Wow! I am sure they would love to come! They never get to be around men who are not trying to have sex with them! I know that you guys are safe and I am sure they would be so happy to come! I know many prostitutes and even porn stars who would love to come! Is that okay?”

Ha. Is that okay?  You could imagine our response.

You see, my God did not come for the healthy but for the sick. I can hardly imagine anyone more sick, more abused, more wounded then the women that sit up in those hotel rooms. Every night they wait for men who are so severely tainted by their own wounds that they stumble in, throw some cash, and commit an act that’s original purpose is to bind two people into one. After, the women are left with nothing but some paper money and a heart filled with anguish and regret. Yah, these are the ones Jesus would have hung out with. These are the ones he would have eaten with, and talked with, and cared for. And these are the ones that He has sent me to. So I go.

We exchanged contact and information with Matty, thanked him for his time, and told him to give us a call anytime he liked. He said he would, and that he couldn’t wait to come to the next party.

I couldn’t help but think about what Jesus said about the “man of peace” when he sent out the disciples.

If a man of peace is there, your peace will rest on him; if not, it will return to you.” (Luke 10:6)

When we talked to Matty, peace unimaginable rested on the little guy, and it didn’t even try to come back. I think, through it all, God wanted to show us that He was with us. That He was beside us, and that He alone would pave a way for us and for the women trapped in this devastating lifestyle. Out of everyone He could have chosen, He gave us a city-renowned sex scout to be our person of peace. If this is the beginning, I am so excited to see what He has in store for the end. I pray that it’s soon.


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