Standing at the base of a mountain you have the whole ascent ahead of you. You look forward to the view from the top, but before you get that you have to put the work in to get to the summit. At some points the climb might be easy and relaxing, at other points the climb might be grueling and difficult. All of this goes to say that the work required to arrive at the mountaintop makes the view even more special. Once you arrive at the top you can look down and see where you began, you feel a sense of accomplishment. This longing for the top of the mountain gives you the motivation to persevere and keep climbing when the ascent gets difficult. Recently the season of ministry for Raising a Voice has been the part of climbing the mountain and what a climb it has been!

God has placed a huge passion and vision for Raising a Voice in Katie and I’s hearts. The vision and ministry He has laid before us is a long term plan requiring many years of hard work. We are currently in a season of preparation for this long term ministry that requires a lot of patience and trust. This preparation is hard work that is helping us in the journey up the mountain. The season and the climb comes with rewards such as watching God abundantly provide, seeing God gives others a passion for the injustices of the world, and learning about God’s heart for His people all around the world. However this season leaves us longing for the mountaintop, it motivates us to keep pursuing the ultimate vision God has given us for Raising a Voice. Vision of the desired end result keeps you going when current results aren’t sufficient.

This season of preparation has had its challenges, we have faced those tough questions such as is what we are doing worth it? Will this really make a difference?  Our faithfulness answers these questions. Our ability to persevere during the climb up the mountain will make the view all that much more special. There will be rewards along the journey, beautiful overlooks of the trail below, but these serve as taste testers for the beautiful view that awaits you at the top of the mountain.

We are proud to tell you that this season of preparation and planning for our one year vision trip to connect with ministries around the world has been difficult. We are proud to tell you this because we are still climbing, we still have our eye on the work God has placed in front of us before we reach the summit. We have made strides up the mountain and we are thankful for all that God has done to get us thus far, but we also remain excited and hopeful of the great work God has before us and with God’s help and our faith we will arrive at the top and look over all that God has been able to accomplish through Raising a Voice and our hard work.

Our prayer and desire for you is to persevere, keep putting forth the effort in your mountain of life. For remember the work you put in now will be remembered and make the view from the top even more meaningful.