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Matt is the founder and executive director of CODE Ministries. He grew up in upstate New York, with a passion for playing sports and hanging out with friends. When he was in college, Matt went on his first missions trip and fell in love with the idea of ministering to people in different countries. After, a few failed attempts to join different missions organizations Matt started CODE Ministries in hope of providing an easier route to the missions field for those seeking to do the Lord’s work. Now, Matt works to support and counsel all of the missionaries on the field, as well as, to provide guidance and leadership for the future of CODE Ministries.

Kathy is the Events Coordinator for CODE Ministries. She grew up in the province of Mindanao in the Philippines. She studied nursing in college and then immigrated to Canada, where she met Matt. She is a very talented events coordinator and loves planning events for all kinds of occasions!

Matt and Kathy currently live in Toronto, Canada, with their son Liam, where they work to minister to all of CODE Ministries’ missionaries by providing administrative support and planning events to help raise support and awareness for the causes of the missionaries.

Q & A:

What is your favorite food: 

Matt loves eating burritos and pizza, and Kathy loves eating Lechon!

What is your Favorite color: 

Matt’s favorite color is blue, and Kathy’s favorite color is purple

What is your favorite dessert: 

Matt’s favorite dessert is carrot cake, and Kath’s favorite dessert is ube ice cream.

Where is your favorite place to visit: 

Matt’s favorite place to visit is Kathmandu, Nepal, and Kathy’s favorite place to visit is Bohol, Philippines.

What is your dream vacation: 

Matt’s dream vacation is to hike the Camino de Santiago from France to the coast of Spain, and Kathy’s dream vacation is to take in the sights in Paris, France.


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