“This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
-Psalm 118:24

Sometimes I feel like I see that verse and think that I don’t have a problem rejoicing a single day most of the time.  It’s the overarching plans, the long-term schedules and the “bigger picture” that can get me overwhelmed.  Verses read to give your future and plans to the Lord and rest in the peace that he is taking care of everything, but it is hard-pressed to find somewhere the people are giving joy about having no idea what they’re future is like.

As humans, we make plans.  We plan a weekend trip, how many kids we’ll have or when we will retire.  We want to feel like our work is not futile and we are all heading somewhere.  Especially as a senior in college, I am constantly surrounded by people telling me to make my plans.  Getting married, graduating college and starting an organization are all some of life’s most exciting moments, but they are often the ones with most uncertainty as well.  All three of these together are what I am experiencing right now, and I am trying to “get my life straight.”  I want to have the answer when people ask me what I’m doing after graduation, and the “right” answers are so tempting.  However, those things that other people are doing after graduation are not what the Lord has called me to do. I am quick to hide and shy away from questions I do have an answer I know people want to hear, so the process of telling people my fiancé and I have started an organization and are fundraising to travel for a year to kickstart the foundations of the mission God has given us was a hard habit for me to form. This does not fit with most people’s plans of what I should be doing. Looking back at what I imagined myself doing after graduation at the beginning of my freshman year, I was going to be a single woman heading to a new part of the country for law school. So you see the difference.

This is where I find joy in the overall. Even though I have much more going on than I can imagine sometimes, my situation is drastically different than I imagined but better than I could have ever made for myself. When I get upset because the wedding photographer I wanted was booked, I can reflect on how I have the love of my life to marry in August. Even though I switched my major more times than I care to admit, I received the chance to go to China and graduate on time. I have grown in my walk with God through all the surprises I never could have planned over the past four years and I rejoice in where I am, in spite of the plans I try to make. So while I can look forward and be overwhelmed, I find peace, excitement and joy looking at where the Lord has brought me to trust where He will take me.

“For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord; I sign for joy at what your hands have done.”
-Psalm 92:4