If you are like me, most people are in this sense I believe, you always seem to busy. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to finish everything that you want to do. Go to work, spend time with God, stay active, eat healthy, enjoy time with friends and family, and the list goes on and on and on. While good all of these things take one valuable resource from you, time. In my daily battle with time, sadly the aspect of my life that often suffers the most is my faith life. You have to go to work, you have to eat, there is a list of these things that you absolutely have to do every day, but why isn’t spending time with God one of them?

For me I always try to maximize the use of my time as best as possible. I seek to try and get the most out of my time as possible, but recently I have been trying to make this idea of time maximization focus on benefitting my spiritual life. For example Katie and I decided to run and train for a half and full marathon. Running for me sometimes quite honestly was a struggle, but I endured and kept on pushing forward to the goal. It is a habit I developed after a while that I use to help me clear my mind and start my day off well. With my mind clear and the whole day ahead of me what better time is there to spend with God? This is when the idea occurred to me – transform the norm.

The norm for me was getting up and running every morning before I get ready for the day and go to work. I put my headphones in and then my feet start pounding the sidewalk for mile after mile. As I came to the point when my run was 75% complete my mind would start racing, thinking of all the things I have to get done in this day ahead. However I sought to transform this norm and use the last 25% of my run to really focus on spending time with God. With my mind cleared out and the day before me I would spend time listening to worship music, praying, and just seeking God on what He had for me that day. Surely enough my days following that started to seem better, I seemed to have a more positive attitude, I seemed to be more focused. Some days this even encouraged me to get ready a little bit faster or get up a little bit earlier just to spend some alone time with me and my Bible. This transformation of that last little bit of my run saw the whole day transform as a result. Changing this part of my daily routine effectively put God in my daily plan and this little bit of time with Him encouraged me to keep Him in mind throughout the day.

I can sit here and challenge you to get up 30 minutes earlier and spend time with God, but I honestly know that might be a stretch for many of you. My challenge to you is to use some of that downtime you have on a daily basis to center yourself before God and give Him glory. It could mean praying (or even singing if you so dare) in the shower, it could mean listening to a sermon on your drive to work, or like for me it could be that special time at the end of your run. Ultimately I challenge and urge you to spend time with God every day and watch how your “normal” daily life is transformed in a way only God can do.