The last month was turbulent. A summary: new amazing friend from Lebanon, new girlfriend, car accident, insurance dispute, lost car title, car totaled, best friend married in Annapolis, MD, being a best man, being bit by the dog who lives upstairs, and tomorrow I move into a new apartment.

During all these twists and turns I had no doubt that a larger and more powerful force of love was at work. Yet, I found my self stumbling, somersaulting, and landing on my face several times before the reality of life and all her fury. Even my friends seem surprised at how many strange and ‘coincidental’ things happened to me. Good Providence.

The truth is I can’t escape the drama of the gospel, a small fountain that draws from an infinite well of life and truth. It spouts cold fire somewhere between my ribs and my lungs, soaking me, overflowing into my cause-effect events, usually when I am most blind to it. Water that continually washes me when I feel so dirty. The good news is that I’m no longer paying for my sins, that my weaknesses are actually strengths, and that I am fertile soil for the green gardens of love. It is a reality I often walk deaf and blind to. Despite the loud cries of wisdom, I can’t even hear a whisper, yet my feet still stumble over her stoop, and I crash into her doorsteps of truth and love.

Jesus- a stumbling block. Maybe that’s why in the darkness of night I encounter him, honestly embracing my weakness. He embraces me. Peace ensues and I finally find where Abram became Abraham and believe again.