Your hose is leaking and you want to fix it right? Of course you do because this affects everything you want to do with the hose – filling up a pool, watering your lawn, washing your car. What is the first step to fixing this faulty hose? Many people jump straight to the action part – finding the hole. We often forget the piece that comes before action – awareness. Before you fix a leaking hose you have to know the hose is leaking. This simple concept rings true in the complex global injustice of human trafficking. You can’t fix a problem unless you are aware the problem exists!

10986919_354422694746167_1945061242283971314_oRaising a Voice began because my wife, Katie, and I become aware of the global injustice of human trafficking and then put our specific skills into action in order to address this issue. Awareness is the first step in seeing change and realizing solutions. The most crucial gear in anti-trafficking work is awareness because it’s what gets all of the other gears in motion. How can you develop trafficking laws if you don’t understand trafficking? How can you help victims if you can’t identify them?

Awareness is the first step, but it’s a specific type of awareness. It’s informative awareness – awareness that builds your understanding and engages you. So often we see passive awareness – the news story that catches your attention for thirty seconds and your life continues forward unchanged. Through a well-developed awareness campaign you can change an uninformed audience into a passionate people seeking to bring change.

Raising a Voice seeks to open people’s eyes to the realities of human trafficking that happens in our world, this country, and even your area! Once you become aware of an issue, you can’t help but notice it. It suddenly seems to be right in front of you all the time, but in reality most likely the issue didn’t increase, your awareness of its existence increased. We believe proper awareness leads to increased understanding and education and this leads to passion and action.

We can’t expect you to become involved or passionate about an issue you don’t understand. So our hope and prayer is that this blog prompts your interest just enough to learn more about trafficking. If you’re looking for a small time commitment may I request you check out our Raising a Voice Facebook page or for a larger commitment check out a book on trafficking such as In Our Backyard by Nita Belles or the documentary Nefarious.

Trafficking is a global issue that looks and functions different all around the world, but it’s always unjust, exploitative, and evil. Evil thrives in the darkness, but when exposed to the light it diminishes. Help us shine the light on trafficking and start bringing redemption and restoration to those impacted by this injustice!