Friends of CODE!

Although it may not always feel like it, Spring is here and with it comes the CODE Ministries Annual Banquet!

What is the CODE Ministries Annual Banquet, you may ask? Well, it is the time of year when we round up everyone involved in CODE and give them a chance to share with you, our wonderful supporters, about what they have been doing throughout the past year, and for us to say thank you for sticking by us for the past year, or month or even day!

To say thank you for all your prayers, service and giving, we would like to invite you all out to dinner on us, so we can share our appreciation for all that you have done for us throughout the past year!

This year the banquet will be held at Big Flats Wesleyan Church in Big Flats, New York on May 9th. It will begin at 5PM, and we will be serving dinner as well as having a time for our ministry leaders to share with you about all that is going on in their ministries and give you an opportunity to hear ways that you can practically partner with them throughout the next year!

So please, come out on May 9th to Big Flats Wesleyan Church at 5PM and celebrate another wonderful year for CODE Ministries and its work in the Kingdom!

If you cannot make it out, please be looking out for our full coverage video of the event!

And if you were unable to make it out last year, click here to see what you missed!