So I have explained a lot about what we encounter during ministry, but I haven’t really shown you guys into my life recently. Well let’s change that, shall we?

This past month I travelled to two other countries outside of Japan, Romania and the United States. Needless to say, if I don’t see an airport or an airplane for a good long while, that would be just fine with me. However, the long arduous travel was unequivocally worth the time I got to spend in those countries.

The trip to Brasov, Romania was to visit the World Race Squad that I previously led. Despite the massive waves of jet lag that overwhelmed my mind and body, my time with them was such a brilliant burst of fresh air and joy. I love my Squad. Let me say that again, just in case you missed it. I love my Squad. Amazing worship nights, deep real discussions, plenty of hugs, and even a sweet night of karaoke. Perfection.

My second sojourn took me to the desert of Phoenix, Arizona where I had the privilege of visiting my family and friends and then celebrate one of my closest friend’s weddings. It was a blast. I adore my family and my friends make me laugh more than anything else in this world.

Alright, enough about me, lets talk about Japan.

God is absolutely moving here in Japan, slowly. This might seem like a negative thing to say, but I promise you, it is not. Sometimes we as humans get caught up in the emphasis of results rather than the plan, but when we set our feet in the foundation of His promises regardless of the results that we see, that is when He is most able to use us. Now I am not saying that nothing is happening. Every week little miracles happen: fledgling friendships with sex scouts or prostitutes, new partners who want to join up with us for the ministry, words of encouragement or visions for the work we are doing.

But it’s slow. And it’s little. And that’s okay.

I know slow and little doesn’t sell, but that’s the truth of it, and the good thing is that God is completely sold out on it. He is in this ministry. He is moving. We see His fingerprints on so many details of what we do. And even if we didn’t, this is what He promised, and so we will have faith and wait upon the Lord. I can’t wait to look back in five years and say “Wow, so this is what God had in store the whole time.”

It’s gonna be huge.

I hope in all this you are able to see our hearts. I hope that you join alongside us in prayer for what God is doing and believe that He wants Japan and that He will not leave them alone. I hope you give financially to us as well, as it takes money to do our ministry here in Japan. And I hope above all that your heart is moved for the people in Japan because you recognize how much the Father’s heart is moved for them.

Anyhow, you guys rock. I love you as family. Thanks for believing in the power of the Lord.